Billy Ray

Photos by Billy Ray

Billy Ray is an art photographer who has a unique way of capturing light, shapes and shadows.

Billy's images have an atmospheric and sometimes gothic quality to them. His work is often described as mood evoking.

Billy received a BA in communications from Rhode Island College where he studied Film, Broadcasting and Photography.  He attended London University's Goldsmith College where he studied for one year.

In 2008 Billy changed from film photography and darkroom printing to digital media (web and print), his latest work includes images seascapes, country sides, and unique lighting situations. 

One of his favorite subjects is how natural light (sun, moon or street) works with subject matter.   His collection also includes images of his travels to places like England, France, and Iceland.

Having lost his sight for six months during the summer of 1988, Billy truly believes his work is reflects things we see every day but don't  take time to see.